Changing Your Mindset and Experience the Potential – A 4-Post Blog Event- Intro

In my last post I went over the last several years of my life and events that had changed my perspective. Now for this post I am going to lay out a list of 12 things that I do on a regular basis that helps me to achieve daily growth and mental clarity. I will be discussing these 12 actions in depth over a four blog posts. I hope to give you tools that allow you to change your perspective. Throughout the proccess I would love it if you shared your experiences that changed your perspective or actions you practice to grow.

The most important part of all this is to take your current mindset and experience something completely different that allows you to see your life through another set of eyes. This is what allows you to see the bad habits you have and how to change them. I’m not here to make people do things but to allow others to see their own potential.


Of all the things I have incorporated into my life I think this one is the most important this is exactly why it is at the top of my list. In today’s society we are constantly being beaten and battered by information from every direction and the majority of it is forcing its way in to your mind versus you voluntarily searching for it. Meditation is a great way to reset the mind and come out of it with a more clear perception of what is happening around you.


When I was confused and what some people may of called being a loser I started to look at what successful people did and try and figure out what I had to do specifically to stop being stagnate and start growing. I looked at geniuses like Robert E. Lee, Albert Einstein, and Bruce Lee , oddly enough they all were avid readers. One of the best ways to change your perspective is to read about the perspective of others. Aristotle said “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”.


I kept reading about all these studies that showed by counting calories and documenting food eaten participants on diets would stick with them longer. This made me interested and I started to experiment with documenting my habits. This had a very positive affect that lasted even after I stopped documenting. When I see myself becoming unconscious about decisions I will do a week of documenting to get back on track.

Goal setting

As I started to change more and more things in my life I always felt the need to write down plans of actions and goals but had no way of categorizing and organizing them. Basically I had a hairball of goals, actions, and ideas which lead me to look for answers of how to make changes in my life. After a consultation with an inspiring blogger I made simple changes that allowed me to have structured and action oriented goals.


I am the type of person that constantly has thoughts running through my mind of things I can do or will and how. I have noticed that if I don’t get these ideas out on paper they will stay there and cloud my thinking and creative abilities. Once I started journaling it made a profound impact on my mental state and felt like a weight had been lifted.

Shoot for the stars

When I plan my year goals I definitely like to shoot for the stars. You want to shoot for something that if you achieve even half of it will still allow you to grow. Have big ideas and be passionate about them.

Get out of your comfort zone

Some of the times when I made the most change and growth was when I put myself in situations that took me out of my comfort zone. If you look at your own life and feel as though you are stuck in a rut an important thing to do is get out of that comfort zone you have created.

Discuss ideas

An important change that I made in the last several years and was encourage by the ever increasing amount of online communities and forums. This is a great way to get in contact with likeminded individuals that normally you would not be able to.


I might have stolen this quote from a subconscious memory but it’s an idea that anyone can see and it is the fact that passion is not something but rather a product or result of something. Passion in my life is a result of ideas that generate awe and spectacle. By searching out this desire to experience awe I simultaneously create passion and a good indicator of the correct path to travel is whether or not that passion is sustained.

Daily Rituals

Whenever I am going through a tough time or recognize that I am being lazy I go back to the basics and for me that means my daily rituals. I have a specific list of things I do daily that keeps my life in order especially when I fall of the wagon.

Creative projects

During my intellectual endeavors I became bored with only dedicating my time to reading strictly non-fiction while learning subjects that were very rigid and strict. I realized that I need to create balance in the learning process by integrating creative projects to work on in moments of frustration. Not only does this create new patterns of thinking but also allows your to escape into a new perspective.


This entire list are all things that will create the environment for changing your perspective on your life. Over the next few weeks I will be laying out four separate posts that go in to more depth on each of these concepts. I will explain how I came to conclusions about these ideas also how I integrate them specifically in my life to give you examples for your own. Once again if any one wants to share things that you have discovered as beneficial to growth in your own life please share.

When looking for solutions to problems in my own life I enjoy looking outside the box and all of these things help me day to day to achieve that. If you integrate one or two of these things for a week or two and they don’t resonate with you then drop it and try another. A huge part of all these is it takes dedication and lots of it, don’t get me wrong I’m not perfect and I don’t do every single thing every day but a lot of days I do the majority. Be open and see how it works for you. Thanks and Peace


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